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Abbey Color Inc.

Dye manufacturer and supplier of industrial dyes, dye precursors and colorants, including Hematoxylin, Hematine, Logwood Extract, Fluorescein, Uranine, Eosin Y, Rhodamine WT, Crystal Violet, Orange G and Phenol Red. 773 PA 19134 (215) 739-9960...


Industrial knives and shear blades supplier. We sell many types of industrial knives, shear blades, and other industrial products. 501 West Seventh Avenue 445 PA 15120-1036 (412) 461-4110

Philly Case Company

Case manufacturer creating ATA cases, custom shipping cases, trade show cases, flight cases, poly cases, transit shipping cases, shockmount cases, equipment cases and rackmount cases. Stock models and built-to-specification custom shipping cases. 2409 S. Water St. 773...